Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Drawings at the Metropolitan Museum, New York - Who Drew These?

Whilst in New York recently , I took the chance to revisit the wonderful Metropolitan Museum, with its truly breathtaking collection of art and objects.

For a bit of fun, I've put together three drawings from the collection - using your skill and judgement (no googling!) see if you can guess which artists they are by.

Which Renaissance master is this by?

Which Modern master drew this?

Which Surrealist master is this by?

 Answers tomorrow!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Yestival: Yes at PNC Bank Center, Holmdel, 12 Aug 2017

Ok folks, you know the routine.  And tonight is the last gig of our three night Yestival concert series.

This is the very pretty open air amphitheater of the PNC Bank Center in sunny New Jersey.  It's all very civilised.  They have parking lots where you can have tailgate parties, and lawns where you can picnic, drink, and, er, smoke.  America knows how to do venues, and let's face it, they have the weather for it.

The weather this evening was hot.  It was so hot, that Carl Palmer's shirt stuck like a wet rag to his eternally youthful and perfectly formed torso, sweat plastered the hair of Jon to his forehead and threatened to make his glittery eyeshadow run, and the sweat ran in beads down Billy's face. All this I could see even from Row H.  It was that sweaty.

So here we go again.  Not so many photos tonight, but here's Young Person's Guide...

And there's also a rather bad video which I took of Survival.


He's blurry, He's sweaty.  He's glittery.

See also photos from Yes's Ford Amphitheater Coney Island performance on 11 August 2017 HERE.

Photos from their performance at Foxwoods, Connecticut on 10 August 2017 HERE.

Yestival: Todd Rundgren at the PNC Bank Center Holmdel, 12 August 2017

Last glimpse tonight of the unexpected rock god that is Todd Rundgren.  

Two videos for your pleasure.  "Truth" from his album 'Lies'...

and "Rise".


Yestival: Carl Palmer at PNC Bank Center, Holmdel 12 Aug 2017

It was hot in Holmdel.  Very hot.  It's the last night of our three night run of Yestivals.

And here's Carl Palmer, the man whom members of the previous evening's audience were still not convinced was actually alive even after watching him perform for half an hour.  Would he convince them tonight?

Initially though, the audience weren't impressed.  In fact, a lot of them weren't even there.

Obviously, Carl would have to up his game.  This was going to be tough. 

"Are you impressed yet, Holmdel??"
Maybe a pink shirt wasn't such a great idea for hiding the sweatiness.
In a final attempt to impress, Carl got out his big furry drum bats during Fanfare for the Common Man, and proceeded to give it laldy on the gongs.

Success!  Gongs well and truly skelped, he chucked his bats over his shoulder.

See you next time for a two hour session folks...!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

"Wales Revisited" Invitations

Here's a look at the invitations for my "Wales Revisited" show, which opens at the Lime Tree Gallery in Bristol on Saturday 2nd September.  

The paintings in the show are a result of two years work, revisiting favourite parts of Wales to paint the landscape, mainly around the Gower Peninsula.  Also exhibiting will be Welsh printmaker Trevor Sowden, and Welsh sculptor Helen Sinclair.

I'll be at the preview between 11am and 3pm, so if you're in the area, please do come along!  If you'd like one of the lovely invites, then just email me a note of your postal address.

For more information about the show, click HERE.  View all the paintings in the show HERE.


Yestival: Yes at Coney Island Boardwalk, 11 August 2017

Well, here we are at the very lovely Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk, sunny Brooklyn, New York.  It's all very historic, plus, it's an open air theatre by the sea!  I can go paddling.

It's a bit like Blackpool!

Open air meant that there was not only the smell of ozone, but the strong smell of something altogether more 1970s hippy dippy.  

This meant that some audience members were more than a little confused (once again) as to exactly who was on the Yestival bill.  Not only were they confused about Anderson and Wakeman not being there, they were also confused about why they had just seen Emerson Lake and Palmer, even though Greg was no longer with us, Keith had shot himself, "And of course", said the woman in front of me, "Carl Palmer is dead too."  "Er - no, you've just watched him play the drums for half an hour."

Another woman in front of me insisted on dancing wildly, then had a huge row with her boyfriend, who stormed off before Yes came on never to come back.  She cheered herself up by dancing wildly to the intermission music, before attaching herself limpit-like to a random woman, and persuading her to sit with her.  They held hands and danced together for the rest of the night, bonded as a sisterhood, and no doubt delighted to be watching (in their heads) Anderson and Wakeman.

Anyway - same set as before - one song from each of the first ten albums - plus two songs as the encore (Madrigal and Roundabout). And Mr Davison was startlingly resplendent in pleatherette tonight, as you'll see.

And's the Young Person's Guide, the origins of the Yesiverse, and the rush of adrenalin...


Time and a Word.

Some nice photos (finally) of Howe Junior.

Yours is No Disgrace.

Gosh.  Now, I'm not sure if that's pleatherette as well.

A very moody South Side of the Sky from Fragile.

A perfect And You And I.

My. Not everyone can rock pleatherette, which is a bold fashion choice, but it does allow you to reach that high note.

"Sad preacher nailed upon the coloured door of time..."

Leaves of Green.


Going for the One.,,"underneath the flank of a thoroughbred racing chaser..."

Don't Kill the Whale.

Machine Messiah.

Just wonderful.