Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year Photographs

Despite the biblically bad weather over New Year, I still managed to get out and about to take photographs.  There are still some nice autumn colours around Loch Lomond and the Arrochar Alps.

I took a trip round towards Inveraray, where the water was pouring in spate down the hills.  Here's a view at one of my favourite sites, Hell's Glen, which is the B839 and runs from the Rest and be Thankful over to Loch Fyne.

As I do quite a few paintings of the area, I'm often asked why the name 'Hell's Glen'?  

(The slope on the far left of the photo above is the right hand slope of the mountain in the painting below.)

Pink and Yellow Flowers, Hell's Glen (Oil, 10 x 10)

According to Wikipedia - so it must be true - it's a glen which runs between the mountains Cruach nam Mult and Stob an Eas.  The name is from Gaelic Glen Iarainn, which apparently means the Iron Glen, but sounds like the nearby Glen Ifhrinn, which means the Glen of Hell.

Which doesn't really explain anything at all...

However, you can see exactly what it's like from a viewpoint which is strangely familiar to me - bouncing around in a mini, in this little video HERE. 

(I should add, it's not my mini, it's someone else's, but mine's just as teeth-jangling and much noisier.)

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