Sunday, 12 April 2020

Meet the Paintings - Field of Poppies and Thistles

Here is ‘Field of Poppies and Thistles’, another little one.  This was painted at Longniddry, on the east coast of Scotland near North Berwick, where there is always the most amazing displays of poppies in the fields and at the sides of the road in early summer.

Here’s the photo that I took in the field at Longniddry Farm, and that I used for the painting.

I did a whole series of paintings based on the wonderful poppies in that field, including this one of the track leading along to the farm.  Poppies are wonderful to paint, especially in oils, as not only are they such a amazing pop of colour (in pure vermillion, or mixed with a little cadmium yellow deep), but their shape makes them perfect for a lovely juicy curve of paint on the canvas.

But unfortunately, this beautiful field of poppies no longer exists.  Sadly, here’s a photo of the field from a few weeks ago – a field of mud.  It’s now a construction site, as it is being turned into a housing estate.  So my paintings are the last record of how the field used to look.  

You can take a look at the area in its pre-housing state here Longniddry Farm.

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