Monday, 13 May 2013

London Weekend

Had a great weekend in London at the 20 21 International Art Fair at the Royal College of Art.

I had paintings of Northern Ireland and Morar on the stand.  Lots of great art on show, and lots of familiar faces to chat to!

Here's my work on the stand...

Also had time to take in a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon...

(I wasn't sitting anywhere near the front to take this - I just have a good zoom on my little Olympus SZ!!)

This was part of the Genesis Revisited tour, with lots of special guests for the London show, both on stage (Nik Kershaw and John Wetton) and in the audience (Armando Gallo).  For such a big venue, it was a very intimate concert, very emotional.  During part of Shadow of the Heirophant, you could have heard a pin drop - the audience was almost holding its breath.

Quite a night! Liverpool on Sunday....

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