Tuesday, 1 August 2017

"Wales Revisited" Video

I've never made a video before (and might never again!!), but I've put together a short piece to try to give an insight into the process of how I go about making an exhibition.  

It shoes me out on location taking photos, my drawings and sketches, and back in the studio making the paintings.

The exhibition in question is a show called "Wales Revisited", which opens at the Lime Tree Gallery in Bristol on Saturday 2nd September.   In 2012, I had a very successful exhibition with them called ‘The Great Welsh Journey’. It documented my travels through Wales in the form of paintings and drawings.

In the years since, I have returned to Wales, mostly to stay on the Gower Peninsula, in order to gather material for this show, so there's been a very long lead-in time and genesis of the exhibition, and a huge amount of work involved.  The idea was to show how revisiting a location can help you understand the landscape and see it with fresh eyes, and I've used paintings, drawings and new media (such as video!!) to explore that.

So here it is - huge thanks to my very patient friend Robert for making it happen.

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