Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Art No-one Can See

I came across this little article on the BBC website.  It's 'Why Make Art No-one Can See?' by Lucy Townsend.

From a man in Ghana who makes beautifully carved coffins (and who wouldn't want to get buried in that rather cheery giant goldfish?)

Getty Images

...to an artist who drops his sculptures deep into the sea off Mexico so that they can only be found by divers...

Jason Decaires Taylor

...to a man who buries his work beneath a sewer in a main road in Ontario, so that it can't be seen by anyone...

Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery

...it begs the question, does a piece of art need an audience in order to be a piece of art?  Or if it isn't seen by a viewer (someone other than the artist), does it exist as art?

Instead of Schrodinger's Cat, it's Schrodinger's Art....!

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