Saturday, 26 January 2013

Rallye Monte Carlo Historique, Glasgow 2013

Today was the start of the historic Monte Carlo Rally from the People's Palace at Glasgow Green, and how exciting it was.  Apparently 15,000 people turned out on a cold but bright winter's day to wave us all off.

The first tricky part was getting the decals on the car.

Not easy in a brisk wind, making for a few comedy moments with a large sticky label flapping around, and everyone was pretty worried about their paintwork.  But the finished result made it feel like a real rally car!

Here's some of our convoy, with Lucy the Co-driver Dog on the right.

And we're off!

Here's the view as the cars head in numerical order towards the ramp.  There were 100 crews leaving at one minute intervals.  Exciting doesn't begin to describe it. (Templeton's Carpet Factory, based on an Italian palazzo, is on the left.)

There's the famous ramp!

If you've ever wondered what it looks like when you're about to drive up onto the ramp of the start of the Monte Carlo Rally, then here it is.  

The crowds are cheering and waving,  Everyone's taking photos of you.  The bloke with the mike is about to interview you.  You're thinking 'What on earth I going to say to the bloke with the mike?', 'That ramp looks steep - mustn't stall' and 'Mustn't run anyone over'.

You're on the ramp.  You haven't run anyone over / driven off the end / fallen off the side.  You're giving an interview out of one window.  There's a timekeeper giving you instructions in the other.  There's a woman in a big blingy chain holding a giant flag in front of you.

The clock is counting down.!!

And we're....stalled.  The crowd gasps.

"Ah well," sighs the announcer, "There's always one."  

Thanks to Anne Morrison for photos, and to everyone who came to see us off!

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