Wednesday, 18 September 2013

At the 20 21 British Art Fair

Here's some photos of one of my paintings,  Paths Meeting, Hampstead Heath (that's it up at the top of the photo) on the Duncan Miller Fine Arts stand at the 20 21 British Art Fair, which was held at the Royal College of Art in London this weekend.

As you can see, my painting is keeping good company!  Here it is with contemporary artists Ann Oram and John Kingsley.

Also on the stand were works by, amongst others, Joan Eardley and Scottish Colourist S J Peploe.

On the top left is a Joan Eardley Catterline Landscape and beneath it her 1950s conte drawing Old Woman Peeling Potatoes.  Also seen on the plinth nearby is one of Elisabeth Frink's bird figures.

Here's the very fine Peploe, Still Life with Roses and Fruit of 1928, looking wonderfully contemporary on its black background.

The Fair itself was a feast for the eye.  If I was able to stuff one of the pieces of work into my handbag, I'd either choose a Peter Lanyon Cornish landscape or the Boyle family piece, which was a small square of sand with a single seashell.  I'd never seen such a small piece by them before, and it was very beautiful.

There were also some very lovely figure drawings by Stanley Spencer, so as usual, it was a real treat.


  1. I think your Paths Meeting, Hampstead Heath is one of the finest paintings you've ever done. It's absolutely wonderful.