Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Just in case you're wondering where all the blog posts have gone, I've been over on my Facebook page with photos and updates.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Joan Eardley: A Sense of Place

There's a great article on the BBC website about the major new Joan Eardley show that's just opened at the Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh.

 The Wave, 1961 © Estate of Joan Eardley

I was at the private view of the show last Thursday (as well as the wonderful celebratory dinner), and it promises to be an important and memorable exhibition - although it was hard to see what was on the walls for the sheer number of folk there!  The show puts a lot of important new material such as letters, maps and preparatory sketches on display in order to contextualise and compliment the work. 

The rooms are arranged so that each takes a theme - Glasgow children, Catterline etc, which helps to focus and clarify the work.  You can visualise and understand exactly where Eardley stood in Catterline order to paint the works. 

Anything which sheds new light on an artists work and brings it to life is a worthwhile exhibition, and anything which helps to cement the reputation of Joan Eardley, one of Scotland's finest ever artists, is to be commended.