Monday, 30 July 2018

Schiele / Woodman at Tate Liverpool

There's a very interesting exhibition, 'Life in Motion', at the Tate Liverpool about two artists with a very raw approach to the human form - Ego Schiele and Francesca Woodman.  Both artists died very young (28 and 22), but lived furiously creative lives.

Schiele draws spare, confrontational figures with awkward angular poses, often erotic, disturbing and sexualised, often quite doll-like.  Even when clothed, they are naked.  

Woodman uses herself as her own photographic model in strange, dream-like settings; disappearing, reappearing; partially hidden, partially exposed. 

Read more about the exhibition HERE.

It's a thought-provoking pairing, contrasting male sharpness with feminine softness, although its not just as simplistic as that.  You can read a couple of good articles about Woodman HERE and HERE, and about Schiele HERE.

The exhibition runs until 23 September.