Sunday, 7 July 2019

Yes at PNC Amphitheater, Holmdel, 16 June 2019

Yay!  Just up from Atlantic City, and along the road from my favourite service area ever...'s the PNC Bank Arts Center at Holmdel.  Yay!!!

So, it's third time lucky with the camera.  Here we go... Brace!  Brace!!

Tempus Fugit.


Rhythm of Love.  Worst Yes song ever.  Discuss.

Jon had this stick thing which he shook during Gates of Delirium as theatrical prop percussion.

And that really is all, folks.

The Royal Tour: Yes at the Hard Rock Casino, Atlantic City, 15th June 2019

Ah, Atlantic City.  Back again.

It's where you find this...

Yes, 'Spouse's Signature Not Needed.'  And this...

And in the Hard Rock casino itself, this...

Now I did have my camera this evening.  Hurrah!  And I did have a photography pass.  Yay!!

Unfortunately, it's a new camera, and I hadn't got to grips with the settings.  They were set up for landscapes (which don't move), but rubbish for rock stars indoors (who move a lot).  I was hopeless.  

Meanwhile, right in front of me, the Gottlieb brothers trained their 20 foot long telephoto lenses on the band, and effortlessly snapped their endless masterpieces like a pair of absolute Magnum pros.

Tonight, Jon was in skin tight green trews.  At one point, he sat on the front of the stage like a little lost Kermit the frog.

At another point, Steve hung his hands down by his hands and shook them, like he was trying to get cramp out of them, and shaking the blood back into them.

Anyway, at this point, daunted by the pros in front of me, and frustrated by my total ineptitude, I gave up, and just listened to the Gates of Delirium.  Because it's not every day that you can.