Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thistle Run 2014

I was out on Sunday with my mini for the Thistle Run, the biggest annual mini rally in Scotland.  My mini is the only car to have completed all 15 Thistle Runs.

This year, 182 cars travelled from Newtongrange to Eyemouth.  Ok, I know, not exactly Paris-Dakar...
There were some amazing minis to be seen.  Here's something you don't see every day.  Fingers on the buzzers....

Any ideas?

Take a look at the badge, the external hinges, the quarter lights....

It's an Australian Clubman, and an upmarket 'S' model at that.

(Although, to be strictly accurate, all Australian Mini Clubmans built after 1973 aren't actually Clubmans.  The Clubman was a specific model that was only manufactured as such in Australia for less than two years, after which the Clubman name was dropped and all Minis became Leyland Minis.)

However, a mini rally isn't all about super-rare cars or mint-condition concourse models.  It's this sort of mini which makes the heart beat faster - mostly out of sheer fright at the thought of the four people who travelled up from Somerset in it.

 This photo really doesn't convey the...airiness, shall we say....of its condition.  

Love it!  I drove all the way to Italy in a car like this.
Actually, that's not true.  Mine was a whole lot worse.  I'll have to find the photos....

 An engine bay full of hay.  Respect!

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