Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Paintings In Progress

Here's a quick look at what I'm working on at the moment in the studio.

I'm busy on a consignment of paintings that are going to be off down to London just before Christmas.  Here they are, drying around the studio.  

It's good to have an eye on them so you can visualise what the show will look like and how it will read together.  Thinking about one piece leads you on to thinking about something else - so creating a show is a bit like doing a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Here's one of poppy fields near York, sitting on top of my paints cabinet along with a couple of my sculptures.

These are paintings of (at back l-r) Whitby, Torr Head in Northern Ireland, Keswick.  Front - harebells near Portrush, poppies near York.

Not much room to move!!

If you'd like to ask anything about the paintings or have any comments, please feel free.


  1. Hello! I'm from the United States. What is the price range of these paintings? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for asking.

    These paintings are going to be on sale in my gallery in London, Duncan R Miller Fine Arts. They will have a price range of £1350 for the smallest sizes that you can see in the photographs, up to £3750 for the largest.

  3. Lovely work! Really love those poppy ones.