Friday, 3 July 2015

Final Day

Yes, it's already Friday, and all our sculptures have to be finished today.

I am still adding areas of plaster to make the form less figurative and more abstract, and painting the inside with acrylic to give a pinky glow like the edge of an abalone shell.

When the plaster is dry, I'll paint it with shellac to strengthen it, then varnish.  The piece will have a creamy colour with the texture markings brought out, so it will look like a piece of bone with a glowing, warm centre.

Here's how everyone else did...

My sculpture on the left, Ewan's world with minitaure sculptures of marble and aluminium inside, and Victoria's sculpture of Marco in clay.

Mary chipping the last of the plaster jacket off the jesmonite cast.

Mies's pieces.  She was making a linear wall-mounted three dimensional assemblage out of various textiles, woods, aluminium, copper, glass, perspex, mirror and paper.  It was all done to a very careful drawing and measured accurately.

Another view of Marco, Ewanworld and my sculpture.

Mies demonstrates how her design fits together.

The biggest puzzle of the day was how to get my sculpture back to the per usual, it took five people to lift it!

So to recap, here's the starting point at the beginning of the week (which I hasten to add, I didn't refer to again) - the back of a statue by Michelangelo...

..and here's my sculpture...

 Well, that explains a lot!


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