Friday, 27 May 2016

Word of Mouth: the -isms of art

There's a rather interesting little radio programme available on BBC i-Player here, which features the ever-fragrant Andrew Graham Dixon discussing the nomenclature of art with all-round nice guy, Michael Rosen.  It's called Word of Mouth, and is a tour through the naming of art movements.

Surrealism, Impressionism, the Renaissance, the Pre-Raphaelites, Modern, Contemporary - ever wondered how they got their names and what does that tell us about them?  How useful are these words in describing what they are describing?  Sounds dull, but isn't.

As usual, Mr Graham Dixon speaks intelligently and informatively, Michael Rosen asks all the right questions to bring the best out of his guests...

...but disappointingly, linguist Dr Laura Wright doesn't bring much to the party.

Still - ignore her, and listen to the rest, in a very rewarding little programme.

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