Tuesday, 23 August 2016

New Paintings Arrive in Bristol

A brand new consignment of my paintings has arrived today in Bristol, ready for the Affordable Art Fair there which opens on September 9th.  It's a lovely relaxed fair, held each year in Brunel's Old Station, so it's great fair to visit, with plenty of local galleriesAll the art is reasonably priced as well.

In addition to my rather sweet set of little Gower canvasses (which you can read about here and here), I have, at the other end of the scale, some big and beautiful, vibrant and textural oils.  

Sharp-eyed regular viewers of my work will spot that I've given them a bit of a makeover, framing them in a new way without glass - yes, no glass!! - and a minimal, modern frame,  which hopefully shows off all that lovely impasto.

There's a set of 8 Welsh canvasses, and 4 large oils which are of Scottish landscapes.

Burn in Spate, Argyll (32 x 40, Oil on linen)
Glen Lochy (32 x 40, Oil on linen)

Narcissi in Bluebell woods, Dalkeith (32 x 40, Oil on linen)

Sunlight on Red Fields, Argyll (32 x 40, Oil on linen)

And here's the new framing.

As you can see (hopefully), it's a narrow silver tray frame, with gessoed inner and outer edges in a nice neutral Farrow and Ball grey, so it should suit all colour schemes.

And no glass!!

Here's a close up of the moulding, which is about an inch or so wide.  (Sorry it's still got the protective shrink wrap from the framers on it.)

Here you can see how the canvas is recessed into the tray frame to allow for the depth of the impasto - otherwise the paint would stick out beyond the front edge of the frame. Obviously, that would be a problem in an unglazed painting when dealing with the amount and depth of paint that I use!!

Have a look at all the work on the Lime Tree Gallery's E9 stand here.  

For a link to the Affordable Art Fair in Bristol, which ends on Sunday 11th September, please click here.

If you go along to the fair - let me know what you think!

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