Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Steve Hackett, Philharmonic Hall Liverpool, Sunday 7th May 2017

(Read my other review of Steve at Manchester here).

So here we are in beautiful Liverpool, in a very sunny Hope Street with Cathedrals at either end and the gorgeous Philharmonic Pub right opposite the venue.

Here's Steve.  It's all less political tonight - no mention of the B word.

Now, I had a quite different view of proceedings at this gig - I was right at the front with Mr Beggs in my direct line of sight.  It was really hard to get a shot of Steve without a mike stand across him, or a clear view of Nad standing behind Steve. 

So you'll just have to make do with dozens of photos of Nick Beggs in a kilt.  Sorry.

I know.  Apologies.

Okay, here we go.  Steve playing the harmonica.

Shadow of the Heirophant, playing the bass pedals with his hands.

This man got straight up from sitting cross-legged.  I can't.

Oh for a piece of charcoal and some paper...
This is the second half, with Nad coming on to do the Wind and Wuthering vocals.

At the end of the set, drummer Gary O'Toole brought on an award to present to Steve.

The encore Los Endos.  Good grief, that man is flexible.  He leant right back.  Last man I saw do that (and get up again) was Jim Kerr during a Simple Minds concert.

And goodnight!