Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Auction Frenzy!!

Sunday 14th December sees a positive frenzy of Bridgland activity at McTears Auctions in Glasgow.

Up for sale are four - four!! - paintings of mine, all in the Scottish Contemporary Art Auction.

One you'll have seen before - 
- but the next three were all sold at McTears back in 2008, and presumably purchased by the same person.  Lovely to see them again, and all looking as good as new.

So we have this rather nice oil on linen painting of Poppies in a field in Suffolk near Walberswick, which sold back in 2008 for £1200.  Now, as Lot 1886 (and the first one in the sale), its estimate is £1500-2500.  Here it is in its original hand-gilded silver frame, and is oil on a linen canvas, not on panel as described in the auction catalogue.

 Poppies and Nettles, Sudbourne, Suffolk (Oil on linen, 24 x 26)

Next is Lot 1985, Study, Lochan the Campsies, which sold in 2008 for £360 (estimate now £400-600).  The frame is also hand-gilded, but is in a colour called 'plum and moon'.

Study, Lochan the Campsies (Oil on board, 6 x 6)

Lot 1988 is the same size, but the cream gesso frame meant that it sold for only £300 in 2008, and now has an estimate of £350-550.

Study, Late Afternoon Sky over Farm, Perthshire (Oil on board, 6 x 6)

You know the routine - bids are available online, and you can follow the auction live on your computer as it happens.

It just goes to show - you can buy a painting, get the pleasure of it for many years, and then sell it on and possibly make some money at the same time.  

Hang on - where did I go wrong...?

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