Thursday, 12 November 2015

Edinburgh Art Fair

I'll be exhibiting at the Edinburgh Art Fair this weekend, starting tomorrow.  It's at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange (I went to see Pulp there once, and Jarvis Cocker came on stage and asked laconically 'Anyone exchanged any corn yet?').

I'm going to be showing with the Strathearn Gallery, and for the fair I have done a special collection of paintings of the east coast around Tyninghame and Sea Cliff beaches.

The one thing which dominates the horizon there is familiar shape of the Bass Rock, with it's little white lighthouse.   It's home to thousands of seabirds which make their nests on its cliffs.

If you'd like a free ticket to the Fair, click here, click on 'Fairs' on the top bar, and follow the link to the free printable ticket.

 Pink Flowers, Tyninghame Beach (Oil on linen, 16 x 16)

  Two Sets of Footprints, Sea Cliff Beach (Oil on linen, 16 x 16)

  White Horses, Bass Rock (Oil on linen, 12 x 12)

Here's some of my other work that you'll see if you visit the Strathearn Gallery stand (this one shows the Cuillins in Skye).

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