Sunday, 22 November 2015

Over the Finish Line

Last two.

I felt that the show needed a beautiful pink painting, to balance all the blue coastal work.  So here are the Cuillins.

And lastly, I wanted another Paris painting.  This is view of the Seine from near the Bir Hakim metro station, which is the one you get off at if you're going to visit the Eiffel Tower.  

As you can see, the trees all have beautiful autumn colours, and the sky was a wonderful blue.  Even though it was the beginning of November, it was very warm, T-shirt weather.  You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day.

It's funny when you finish all the paintings for a show.  Although I've spent a long, long time thinking through what I want to paint, and months planning how to gather the material for the work, and then travelling round doing the fieldwork, then very carefully considering which of the images that I want to use, how they work together, and then weeks painting the actual pictures...I am still left feeling as if there are other paintings that I should have done, as if I haven't said it all.

But there comes a point where you just have to say 'that's it'. And that's it.

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