Monday, 27 March 2017

Anderson Rabin and Wakeman, Manchester Apollo 25th March 2017

Well, here we go, final gig everyone.  Sorry about the quality of these - I was sitting in Row L!!

The first thing to note is that the concert was being filmed - one camera at the back, two midway down at either side, and two on hydraulics at either side of the stage, plus hand-held cameras.

What a pity then that this turned out to be not as good a concert as Glasgow in terms of sound, energy and performance, although much better than the dire cheesefest of cold, rainy Edinburgh.  Because it may have been winter in Edinburgh on Wednesday with ice in the morning, but by Saturday in Manchester, it was well and truly sunny spring.  Taps aff!!

But here's Trevor, wrapped up warm.

 Twang! etc.

Noddy Holder was a surprise guest vocalist on one song.
However, he missed out a whole verse of Rhythm of Love. 
Lee had a long Paisley scarf tied to his Rickenbacker.  I've no idea why. 
But then there was also a teddy strapped to the drum kit.

I'm afraid this is a bit of a Lee love-in.
It's The Fish.  Here we go....


Keytar Time.

Trevor and Rick go for a bit of a walk around the crowd during Owner.
 Wooooh!!! It's Rick!!!!!
Squeeee!!! It's Trevor!!!!!!!!

Rick getting back onstage.

That's all, folks!