Sunday, 7 July 2019

The Royal Tour: Asia

Ah, Asia.  Asia do nothing for me whatsoever.  I don't know why.  

However, they do have the lovely Mr Downes on keyboards and the equally lovely Mr Sherwood on bass (although he really was too far away on the right hand side for me to get any unblurry shots of him).  (In fact, even when he was right beside me, he was still blurry...)

Geoff was wearing dark glasses at Farmingville. Apparently Alan's 70th birthday celebrations the night before had been quite tiring.

Now, having said that I don't like Asia, the set was not without its entertaining moments, and here's one of them.  Video Killed the Radio Star, folks, with the ghosts of tuneless Trevor Horn (c.f. Glasgow Apollo, 1980 - I don't forgive or forget) and youthful Geoff, looming behind Ron Thal and his megaphone.


"And special guest star - Mr Steve Howe!"
Who actually smiled.

At the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, I got up to leave after Asia had finished, much to the bemusement of a middle-aged couple beside me (who had greeted each act so far with increasing bemusement and enthusiasm).  "Gee, where is everyone going?" the guy asked.  I replied "It's a 20 minute break now and then Yes come on."  "WE'RE GOING TO SEE YES????" the guy yelled, incredulously.  Like, score!!  

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