Sunday, 7 July 2019

The Royal Tour: Carl Palmer and Arthur Brown

Here are a few photos I took of the Royal Tour at locations in east coast America this June.  

On the same bill were Carl Palmer's band with Arthur Brown (as in the Crazy World of..., my head is on fire etc), John Lodge of the Moody Blues, Asia, and the whole raison d'etre, Yes.

Locations were the Long Island Community Hospital Theater, Farmingville; the Hard Rock Theater at Atlantic City, NJ; and the PNC at Holmdel, NJ.

I'm going to lump them all together by group, so first up - the ever-youthful Carl Palmer, and the force of nature that is Arthur Brown. 

Arthur couldn't hold a tune, and my goodness, he absolutely murdered Knife Edge.  But it didn't matter a hoot - that's not why I schlepped across the Atlantic.  The guy is about 170 years old and puts on a show like this!  Go Arthur!!! 

Gurning guitar-playing wunderkind Paul Bielatowicz. (By the way, this is in no way a criticism.  I love his energy and enthusiasm, plus he supports the theory that the entire band goes offstage and relaxes together in the same Fountain of Youth.)

Fiiii - yerrr!!

"It's great to be alive", confides Carl; and yes, it really is.

And now for Carl's drum solo during Fanfare for the Common Man.  He starts off here with the foot pedals, then gets tore into the gongs.

Whee...!!  Having barely broken sweat, over his shoulders they go...

That's all folks!  And already the stage is cleared for the next act, John Lodge.

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