Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Murray wins! Woo-hooh!

Ok, so this isn't art, but as a proud Scot, I had to mention the phenomenal achievement of Andy Murray winning the US Open Championship.


Now, how to honour such an achievement? 

They've already got Murrayburgers in Dunblane, but maybe a statue?  Or a victory parade?

Or Andy for Scottish PM?  You can just imagine his deadpan response to any pressing problems of state. "Prime Minister, what are we going to do about health/transport/roads/education...?"  "Deal with it."  It'd be brilliant!

No, I suggest that a nation honours him in the only way we Scots can - by embedding him into our very culture.

So, next time you want to go out for a curry, remember;

don't say you'd like a Ruby Murray - say you fancy an Andy Murray!

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