Monday, 3 September 2012

Photos in the Peak District

I'm just back from a weekend visit to Derbyshire and the Peak District to take photos for work for my solo show in London next February.

There are some unusual things to explore in the Peak District.

I can't say I'd ever considered spending an afternoon unravelling the mysteries of the Devil's Arse, nor had I previously considered that such a thing would be a tourist attraction with admission prices ("Two for the Arse, please") and, indeed, its own website (  

However, I decided that I couldn't possibly provide my dealer with any paintings entitled 'The Devil's Arse', and so it got the bum's rush.  Sorry.

Anyway, it was lovely weather, and there was plenty of beautiful gentle landscape like this....

Plus, in an unexpected bonus, the Red Arrows appeared doing an aerial display.  They were appearing at an event that was happening at nearby Chatsworth House.

Don't expect them to make it into any of my paintings any time soon either, but look out for the Peak District paintings!