Thursday, 13 December 2012

Another Beautiful Drawing

Right, here's an easy one.

Name the artist, the date, and the place where you can see the finished work that this is the study for.

I'm sure you'll know it (no checking on Google!!).

I did lots of copies of this when I was at University (because we were encouraged to draw and keep notebooks).  It looks simple, but it's fiendishly difficult to get the nuances of the gesture just right.  

Done in red chalk, there's lot of implied movement, and a lovely gentle expression on the face.  It's a very physical, sculptural  drawing, but one that has a calm emotional feel as well.  It's all about contrasts;  between the tension in the body, and the relaxation in the face, and between the masculinity of the musculature of the back and the femininity of the face.

And your answer is...?

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