Monday, 10 December 2012

Patrick Moore v Damien Hirst

Look up into the sky tonight, and you'll probably see a new constellation, one which forms a rather grumpy looking but familiar face with a monacle.  Because Patrick Moore died yesterday.

(c) BBC

The irreplaceably eccentric astronomer, who presented The Sky at Night for 55 years (it would have been 60 years, but he spoke very fast), always had a sharp sentence on pretty much any topic.

Back in May 2003 for example, Damien Hirst had one of his spot artworks jettisoned into space on the Mars lander craft Beagle 2 (which went on to stray off into the cosmos - bad dog).  

Here it is.

(c) BBC

"If they've got eyes, they'll love it!", said Hirst of the Martians, confident that they'd be absolutely  thrilled by the sight of 16 coloured spots representing the pinnacle of another civilisation's cultural achievement.

"It won't interest the Martians," snapped an unimpressed Moore.

The Martians have yet to comment.

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