Monday, 11 February 2013

A Quick Peek at My Show...

Here's some images of my London show, which is all hung and ready for the opening on Thursday evening.

Paintings of Morar (on the left) and Hampstead Heath in autumn on the right, in the window of the gallery in St James's.

More scenes of Morar, and also of the Gower Peninsula in Wales (2nd from right at top).

Two of Morar, and the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland (top right).

Quite a show-stopper when you see it in real life!  Even if I say it myself...  one of my very favourite paintings - Green Park in autumn, flanked by paintings of (l-r, top to bottom) two of Northern Ireland, Fife, Whitby, the Peak District and Hampstead Heath.

Top row (l-r) Northern Ireland, Fife, Northern Ireland.  Bottom row Fife, Peak District, Fife.

Northern Ireland (top two), and Morar.

Two of Northern Ireland, and Ladybower Reservoir in the Peak District on the bottom left.

The preview opens on February 14th at 6pm, so do come along if you can.

More information here.

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