Wednesday, 6 February 2013

From My Easel...

Here's the drawing that I did yesterday which I thought you might like to see.

Judith I Bridgland, Boats at Porthleven Harbour (10 x 11, Mixed)

It's called Boats at Porthleven Harbour, and it's a little acrylic and pastel drawing done from photographs of last year's visit to Cornwall.  

The paper is creamy-coloured and handmade, with long soft fibres, so that it's almost leathery in feel and gives a mid-tone background that isn't startling white.  This means you can work down to your darkest darks and up to your white accents.  The rough surface picks up the paint and pastel on the top of the tooth to give a nice textural finish.

I was pleased with the final effect.  It's good to try all sorts of different hand-made papers and see the various effects and qualities they can give to a picture.  Always nice to try something new!

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