Monday, 1 July 2013

Dog Disaster (Almost)

Still in Corsica, where the dogs are a bit too playful...


I couldn't watch.  It was an epic Tour de France horror unfolding before your very eyes.  It was so, so close, that hairs from the dog's tail were caught in the spokes of Peter Sagan's front wheel as he swerved. Ay, yay yay indeed.

The pelaton had to adjust its speed to avoid puppy contact, possibly by as much as one second.  Which is the margin by which the race was won by Markel Irizar.  

What an amazing win!  What an amazing guy, he's come through so much, it's truly astounding...

Oh hang on, it's not Irizar, it's fellow RadioShack rider Jan Bakelants.  

Yes, on Saturday we didn't know where the finishing line was, on Sunday we'd got that sorted out, just didn't know who'd crossed it.

And it's only day two...

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