Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Textures of Golden Gorse

I've just received my copy of the environmental and ethical lifestyle magazine Resurgence and Ecologist, which this month (Issue 285 July-Aug) features one of my paintings.

Here's the painting, which accompanies the article by Susan Clark, "Textures of Golden Gorse".

Gorse by the Shore with Distant Houses, Morar (Oil on linen, 24 x 26)

Susan talks about the qualities of gorse as cheerful and uplifting plants, and one which has homeopathic qualities of optimism and the conviction that good things lie ahead.  

I was pleased to read her thoughts in the article, as I do find when you're out in the landscape with the gorse blooming, with its warm, coconut smell heavy in the air and its burst of rich velvety yellow, that it does indeed have a very uplifting quality.  This is exactly what I try to put into the painting.

There's also a fabulous recipe for Golden Gorse Petal Scented Ice Cream - sounds amazing!

There's a version of this painting currently with Duncan R Miller Fine Arts in London - you can see it HERE.

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