Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A Celebration of Glasgow

Here's my drawing of the War Memorial at Bearsden Cross (read more about it HERE)

 War Memorial, Bearsden Cross, mixed media 28 x 16

This is shortly going to be part of a very special show called 'A Celebration of Glasgow', with over 200 paintings on exhibition this summer during the two weeks of the city's Commonwealth Games.  

The artists were given a broad brief to depict Glasgow in all its forms as part of a celebration of the city, its buildings, culture and history.  So it will be very interesting indeed to see how this has been interpreted by everyone when the show all comes together.

It runs from Saturday 19th July to Sunday 3rd August 2014 at the LEMOND GALLERY.

Also there will be my painting 'Shipbuilding on the Clyde', which I'm particularly fond of, and which was last exhibited at the Maclaurin Art Gallery in Ayr when it was selected for their open exhibition.  It shows HMS Duncan under construction, and I will also be showing a pastel study of the scene in the same exhibition.

Shipbuilding on the Clyde, Oil on linen, 32 x 32


  1. I really like your drawing of the War Memorial, you've completely captured the emotions of the sculpture. Can you please explain what mixed media you have used?

    1. Many thanks for your kind comments, Mr (or Ms) Blue24yes.

      The substrate is just ordinary watercolour paper, and I blocked in using acrylic in a restricted palette of cobalt, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, process magenta and titanium white. On top of the acrylic I worked layers of soft compressed charcoal, stump charcoal, and pastel in shades of black, pink, pale blue, damson and buff, fixing between layers.

      I wanted to keep the piece fairly loose and impressionistic, but also have enough detail in order to communicate the character of the original sculpted piece, especially in the lovely sort of double-helix swing of the two figures, and the very subtle expression of the soldier.

      Thank you for suggesting that I have been successful in this. Hope this answers your question.

  2. what is buff please? thank you

  3. It's a posh name for beige, and is somewhere between taupe and bandage.