Monday, 12 January 2015

Churchill - Inventor of the Onesie

Well, well, well - further to my blog post Churchill Inventor of the Onesie eighteen months ago, there is now an exhibition at the Science Museum in London about that very thing.  Great minds think alike, eh?

Called Churchill's Scientists, it opens on 23rd January and tells the story of how Winston's creative thinking-outside-the-box approach to science and to war-time problem-solving gave the critical advantage which ultimately won the war for Britain.  He was the first Prime Minister to take on a scientific advisor, and gave scientists unprecedented access to funding.  Think bouncing bombs and all that.

This exhibition includes - oh yes - his green velvet onesie.  Ideal attire for pulling on in a hurry in an air raid, whilst still maintaining that slightly quirky upper-class authority.

He had a number of versions made in different materials (by Royal Warrant shirtmaker Turnbull and Asser, so none of your saving-up-coupons nonsense for Churchill), and they also proved jolly useful for painting in.  

Here's Winnie looking very much like Mr Turner.

The Life Picture Collection/Gett

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