Friday, 9 January 2015

The Economics of Economics

A bit off topic, but an interesting (and bleak) article HERE by John S Warren (as recommended in the National) about the current economic situation of the UK.  

With the most important General Election in a generation coming up, I thought I'd better start getting my head around the nitty-gritty.  I was actually vox-popped yesterday for an opinion poll on the election, and whilst certain things were crystal clear, one of the questions I was asked was which party or coallition would I like to see in power at Westminster?  There there followed an alarming range of possibilities. Which kind of flummoxed me.

Anyway, the most interesting part in the article is the debate in the comments section that follows.

Informed debate and discussion from a wide range of viewpoints is a good thing, if only to test your own theories and assumptions.  One of the real positive outcomes of the Referendum is this desire for honest, informed, everyday political debate.  Which is quite an amazing thing, if you think about it.

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