Monday, 5 January 2015

Rest and Be Thankful

I've been out and about over the Christmas break, taking photographs.

Here are a few from the Rest and Be Thankful, on the way to a favourite spot of mine for painting, Hell's Glen.  It's on the way from Arrochar to Inverary.  Originally an old cattle droving road, it was later a military road built around the time of the '45.  Nowadays, the winding old military road makes a good classic car hill climb (I speak from experience).

The weather was pouring with rain one minute, then sleet, and then sudden bright sunshine and blue skies with fast-moving white cloud - perfect!

I had a helper.
It's a darling little lady chaffinch, who must have been very hungry, as she flew down to the car window without fear.  All I had to give her were a few crumbs.  Fortunately,  my car is always full of crumbs.

She was very grateful.


  1. That is a spectacular section of road, and I love your photographs.

  2. Thank you so much!

    It was a magnificent day - I've been to the Rest plenty of times, but it always seemed to be overcast, and didn't give a real impression of the distance. On this occasion, the contrast of the orange, sunlit side and the side in purple shadow made for a really spectacular view down the glen.