Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Flock of Starlings

Rather excited to find out that the telephone polling I took part in on 9th January was in fact for (what turns out to be) the historic  Lord Ashcroft Poll.

Depending on where you live or what papers you read, you may be forgiven for not having heard of this 'Scottish Battleground' poll at all.  But what Tory pollster Lord Ashcroft's findings show is that, thanks to the catalyst of the referendum - when everyone but everyone spent months scrutinizing, dissecting and discussing how Scotland is run and their vision of the future - we've popped out the other side to find politics in the Scotland has well and truly changed.  It's official.  And it's very, very relevant to everyone.

In a nutshell - as a result of all that thinking and discussing and imagining the future, the country that used to unquestioningly vote Labour now apparently intends to turn out and vote SNP.  Who'd have thought it?  Cross-referencing with the latest YouGov Poll  suggests that this is not to be dismissed merely as a peevish knee-jerk we-lost-out pining for independence, but rather expresses a desire for a specific Scottish voice and a need for effective representation. Which is hardly radical or unreasonable.

(c) PA  A murmuration of 10,000 starlings flies over fields in the Borders

Now there are, of course, three months to go until the General Election, which is a long time in politics.  And it was 'just a poll'.  But that long, long fuse lit back in September fizzes on towards Westminster, whether anyone else in the country has noticed it or not.

So get ready - there are interesting times ahead for everyone!

(c) PA


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