Thursday, 5 February 2015

Blue Sail, Derwent Water

This is the painting that everyone seems to be very excited about at my solo exhibition, which starts next week in London...

Blue Sail, Derwent Water (Oil on linen, 12 x 12)

So far, there is a waiting list of 4 people for it.  Four!!  Which just goes to show that you can never guess which painting is going to be the one which people connect with...

The painting is from the viewpoint of the field just across from the Theatre by the Lake at Keswick in the Lake District, where the landing stages are for the cruise boats.  

It was a beautiful early autumn day, and there were plenty of little yachts scudding about on Derwent Water, including this one with its beautiful blue sail.

View the rest of the show HERE.


  1. it would be 5 in the Q but knowing there were two already at the time, I have opted for the other one !!

    See you thursday, Martin

    1. I know, sorry about that!! I should have painted some more...

      Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!