Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Catalogues are here!

The catalogues for my solo show in London "Journeys Through Landscape" have arrived!  And mighty fine they look too, even though I say it myself.

Some of you will have received your catalogues already.  But if not, and you'd like one, just drop me a line with your postal address.  I'll be happy to post one off to you.

The show is also available to view online HERE, so do take a look. There's quite a few red and green dots already!  For those unfamiliar with the system, the red dots mean 'sold', the green dots mean 'reserved'.  (In some cases, there's up to 4 people on the reserve list for a single painting!  Just goes to show, you never can tell which paintings will strike a chord....)

Here's a peek inside the catalogue....

There's also an invite to the show, which runs Monday-Friday from 13 February to 6 March at Duncan R Miller Fine Arts, 6 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AB.  

If you're in London during those dates, then it would be fantastic if you could drop in and see the show!  It's a lovely space and the work always looks fantastic there.

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