Monday, 21 March 2016

Tropical North Berwick

Was out at the weekend taking advantage of the good weather,in order to take some photos at North Berwick and the nearby beaches of Sea Cliff and Tyninghame.

Have a look!

We start off at North Berwick, with the Bass Rock in the distance. What I'm looking for when I take a photograph are interesting patterns, colours, shapes, ways of leading you on a journey through the photo, something which really says something about what it was like to be there.

There's lovely red tones in the sand which contrast with the bright greens in the seaweed, and echo the pinkiness in the sky.

This is the long, low island of Craigleith, with yachts sailing round it.

Forgot to turn my filter round! 
This next set are from the beach at Sea Cliff, just along the coast by Tantallon Castle.  Again, there's the lovely reddish tones to the sand.

There were several dead seabirds amongst the rocks.

Tantallon Castle in the distance.

Patterns in the sand. 

Snowdrops in the wood. 
This last set are of Tyninghame.

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