Thursday, 22 September 2016

Hare Today...

...and gone tomorrow. Literally.

Remarkably, another of my paintings has turned up for auction at McTears.  This time it's a watercolour called Leaping Hare, from 25 years ago.  I hope it's had a happy life for the last quarter century with its owner.  I sold the painting back in October 1991, and it certainly doesn't look faded at all. 

It's going under the hammer in the Interiors sale tomorrow (Friday 23rd) at 10.30am.  I guess it will go for pretty much nothing.

Back in 1991, I worked as a typist in the mornings, and one of the ways that I got practise painting was to go round to various places in Glasgow in the afternoon.  I had my big folder full of paper and a camping stool to sit on, and a rucksack full of watercolours, pens and pastels.

My favourite places were the Botanic Gardens in the west end, where I painted the orchids and sketched the marble statues in the Kibble Palace, and Kelvingrove. There, I got a sketching permit and went from department to department, painting the stuffed animals and items from the ethnography department, as well as copying paintings and sketching statues.  I also got permission to draw items from the basement, such as animal skeletons and other taxidermy items.  I painted and drew everything I could find. 

This leaping hare was one of the taxidermy items.  I also did a smaller, sleeker version. 

Well, hullo again hare, and goodbye!

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