Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Meet the Paintings - Cow Parsley at Queens View

Queens View is a local beauty spot on the A809 road to the north of Glasgow between Milngavie and Drymen, so fairly local to me.  It's on the road to the very beautiful and famous Loch Lomond, and you can see Ben Lomond in the distance there in the painting.

Here it is in its frame.

It's also the spot where you can explore The Whangie and The Devil's Pulpit - colourful names for local geological formations.  You can read more about them here  The Whangie and Devil's Pulpit.  It's also a good spot to go sledging in the winter (or it was, when winters used to have a lot of snow!).  At midsummer, Ben Lomond is the place to climb during the night to meet the sunrise on the summit.  So it's a landscape that I know very well.

Here's the photograph that I took there and which was the basis for the painting.

The cow parsley in the picture is great to paint - its 'umbrels', or umbrella-like crowns of white flowers give it a great expressive shape that lends itself to oil paint, so I'm very partial to finding some in the foreground of any scene!  As it dies back during the summer and autumn, it has a lovely reddish colour to its tall hollow stems.  You can read more about it HERE.

Take a look for yourself at Queens View on Google Maps here - Explore Queens View.

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