Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Meet the Paintings - Dog Roses, Dumgoyne

Today it's 'Dog Roses, Dumgoyne', another local scene.

It's a very sweet little painting, only six inches square, but it's like a little jewel. I put it in a lovely cream frame with silver bands to set it off.

The location is one that I know really, really well.  It's on the Old Mugdock road looking across the valley of Strathblane, with the volcanic plug of Dumgoyne in the distance at the end of the long ridge of the Campsie Fells. Dumgoyne is something of an iconic image for me, as I saw it every day coming home from school, and I can see it now across Glasgow amongst the distant hills.  It's a dramatic reminder of the volcanic nature of the local geography.  The Strathblane Valley itself was created by a giant sheet of ice scraping down between the hills, flattening and sculpting the landscape.

Here's the photo that I took, and based the painting on.

I've often painted and drawn at Mugdock over the years, and, as it my practice, I return to the same spot at different times of the year to paint the same scene.  So I also did a painting of the same roses in the autumn when they were rosehips.  

I really like to get to know a view over a long period, down to recognising individual plants and trees, and having that continuity.

You can explore the location on Google Maps hereEXPLORE ON GOOGLE MAPS.

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