Thursday, 19 January 2012

David Hockney : A Bigger Picture

The new David Hockney landscape show has just opened at the Royal Academy in London.  I've got my ticket to go and visit when I'm down for my solo show in February.

I caught an interview with him on BBC1 at the weekend, where he talked about his new work of Yorkshire landscapes created with an iPad.  The end result is large, brightly coloured landscape with marks made by a stylus or fingers.  

 David Hockney, 'Winter Timber', 2009. Oil on 15 canvases. 274 x 609.6 cm. 
Private Collection. © David Hockney. Photo credit: Jonathan Wilkinson.

Hockney said that using an iPad was all part of using the latest technology, in the way that at some point a paintbrush must have been the latest technological innovation.

Critics have given it a mixed reception.  The Telegraph today was puzzled.   The Telegraph  The Sunday Times loved the show.  Brian Sewell in today's Evening Standard hated it, calling it 'careless, crude and coarse'. Evening Standard

Oh well - I'll wait and see for myself!

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