Friday, 20 January 2012

White Sand, Yellow Flowers, Morar

This is the painting that will be going on the front cover of my catalogue for my 'Between Tides' solo show which opens next month.

White Sand, Yellow Flowers, Morar (Oil on linen, 32 x 32)

It is from a visit to Morar and Mallaig on the west coast of Scotland in May last year (preparing for a show is a long process!).

The weather was variable, as is usually the case in Scotland at any time of the year, or indeed, at any time of the day!  However, there were spells of wonderful strong sunshine with blue skies and the white sand shining through the water.  In the shallows, the colours were the most amazing turquoise and emerald, and it looked more like Barbados than Scotland!  In the distance you can see the islands of Rhum and Eigg.

I visited the sands at various times of the day, sometimes finding it busy with families, other times pretty much deserted.  

Returning in the evening, I found campers sitting round their fire.  It cast a welcoming orange glow in the dusk, and reminded me of summer holidays from many years ago.

Campfire on the Beach, Morar (Oil on linen, 32 x 32 )

It's one of my favourite paintings in the show.  It will be interesting to hear if visitors to the gallery think the same!

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