Friday, 10 February 2012

Harebells by the Sea, Cushendun

Here's a cute little painting from my new show...

It's a little oil 10" x 10", called 'Harebells by the Sea, Cushedun'.  As usual, I was over in Northern Ireland last August, and travelled along the Causeway Coast which this year was covered in delicate little harebells.

I stopped on a steep hill, where the fields run down to the seacliffs, and you can see Rathlin Island in the distance.  It was very sunny and breezy, and there were high verges at the side of the road, so I could get right down low to take the photo and make the flowers a real foreground feature. Here's the photo...

It was a really uplifting scene.

Someone else obviously likes it as well, as the painting has sold from the catalogue with still nearly 2 weeks to go until the show opens!


  1. Beautiful work, as always, Judith!

  2. Thank you Rebecca - glad you like it!