Monday, 13 February 2012

Scottish Contemporary Art Auction - one of my drawings up for sale

One of my life studies is coming up for sale in a Glasgow auction shortly.  

It's Lot 301 in the McTears Scottish Contemporary Art Auction on Tuesday 21 February.

It's of a model called Lynn and was done at Glasgow School of Art quite a long time ago now, so it's really strange to see it again after all these years!  It's funny that it still looks like something very familiar.

It's a big piece, and is described in the catalogue as 'ink on paper' - in fact, it's painted in Payne's Grey gouache and Indian Red watercolour on a cream coloured paper.  (Indian Red's a really useful colour for life drawing, I'm very fond of it.)

It was originally sold through Art Exposure Gallery in Glasgow in 1991, and has now come up on the secondary market.

It was the first life study I ever sold - in fact, I've sold very few, so it's a rare piece.

You can take a look at it in the catalogue here on the  McTears website .  

It's quite exciting because you can listen live to the auction as it happens on your computer, and even join in the bidding.  (Fortunately, I'll be out at Art School, so I won't be able to follow it live myself and get tempted to bid...!!)


  1. The image size is around 23" wide by 28" high.

    I think it had a narrow silver frame on it with a cream mount, but of course this could have been changed by the owners.

    With the original frame and mount, the outer measurements would be about 35" wide and 42" high.

  2. I like this drawing, the figure displays a calm understated strength, and is yet relaxed and at peace. Unusual to see a life study of yours. Do you still draw people?

  3. Thank you. I was really pleased with this drawing when I did it, as I felt that it captured both the feeling of the pose and a sense of the sitter herself. It looked like Lynn.

    I've got about 20 years worth of work from life drawing classes, life painting, portraiture, although I threw a lot of them out. I must have only sold less than a dozen in all.

    No, I don't do life classes at the moment, but it might be something I go back to.