Monday, 16 April 2012

The Great Welsh Journey Guidebooks Arrive

I'm back!  Hope you've all had a great Easter...

I've just taken delivery today of the brochures and invites for my new show which opens next week in Bristol at the Lime Tree Gallery.

The show is called 'The Great Welsh Journey', and, along with other work by Welsh artists, my contribution consists of a core collection of 20 oil paintings based on a trip around Wales, along with drawings, acrylic sketches and postcards.  

The brochure take the form of a 'guidebook' to the paintings, narrating the story of the trip through words and illustrations of the work.

It's been an exciting project to work on, and I'm looking forward very much to meeting everyone at the preview day on Saturday 28th April.  There's even going to be Welsh-themed snacks and refreshments!

You can see the show online at here.

If you'd like an invite to the show and your very own guidebook, then please do request one by getting in touch with the Lime Tree Gallery, who will be more than happy to send them out to you.  Or just come along to the gallery at 84 Hotwell Road, Bristol - the show runs until 26th May.

See you there!

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