Monday, 30 April 2012

Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to Bristol on Saturday for the preview of the Great Welsh Journey at the Lime Tree Gallery.  

It was really wonderful to meet and talk to so many lovely people.  I'd like to thank everyone very much indeed for making the effort to be there, as I know some folk had travelled a long distance to attend.

Given the biblically wet weather on Friday and Sunday, it was a miracle that there was a break in the clouds on Saturday that allowed so many people to come along!

It was a great to chance to enjoy a glass of champagne and some beautifully made Welsh-themed food (served on slate - nice touch!).  Whilst it was the first time for some visitors to see my work, a lot of people already owned one, two or even several of my paintings, so it was good to hear what happens to my pictures when they go to their new homes!

I think everyone enjoyed not only the fun idea of going on the 'journey' along with the guidebooks, but also the little 'postcards from the paintings'.  

Each of the oil paintings has a postcard attached, showing where the picture was painted, and on the other side I've written a little message to tell you about a bit about the scene itself.  

 Flowers by the Shore near Swansea (Oil on linen, 20 x 20)

(It was my son's idea, so I'll let my 12-year-old take all the credit!)

So if you're going along to the show, which runs until 16th May, then do take a few minutes to have a look at them.

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