Monday, 1 October 2012

Paintings on my easel...Gorse and Evening Clouds, Morar

Here's today's painting...

Gorse and Evening Clouds, Morar (Oil on linen, 32 x 32)

This is of the beach at Traigh (which is Gaelic for 'beach') near Morar on the 'Road to the Isles' on Scotland's west coast.  

The sand is silver and pink, and you can see the outline of the islands of Rhum and Eigg in the distance.  It was early evening in May, the gorse was out, and the last bright sun was coming through the clouds over the sea.  There was a fresh breeze blowing.

I've already done a much larger version of the same scene, but it was so lovely I decided that I'd like to try it in a large sqaure format, so this one is 32" by 32".

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