Thursday, 10 January 2013

And the Winner is....

The latest design for the Brit Awards was revealed today.


You probably won't have heard of the artist, but it's by someone called Damien Hirst.  

(Sorry for banging on about him, but he does just keep popping up all over the place.) 

Yes, back in the news after designing the Olympic closing ceremony backdrop, plonking a giant statue in a small town, etc etc, Mr Hirst has come up with a design that, give him his due, is  not only instantly recognisable as his, but is actually quite jolly. 

Looking like a Smartie-covered playpiece from a 70s Saturday night board game,  it fits right in with the current zeitgeist of a recession-weary public seeking childlike comfort in onesies, mumsy home baking, reassuring authority signs saying 'Keep Calm', slapstick episodes of retro comedy 'Miranda' (about a very large but childish woman), and a feeling of nostalgic pulling-together Britishness in the face of adversity.

Yes, it's finger on the pulse, Mr Hirst!  My goodness, I've persuaded myself that it's actually a stroke of genius...

So what British icon next?  Perhaps spots all over Nelson's Column and cut the Trafalgar Square lions in half..? 

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